Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of nine members appointed to a six-year term and one ex-officio member. They meet in the library on the second Monday of the month at 5:00 p.m. All meetings of the board are open to the public. 
Board Members*

Susan Kling, Board President
Susan Kling
President (2022)

Sally Reck, Board Vice-president
Sally Reck
Vice-president (2018)

Eileen Robinson, Board Secretary
Eileen Robinson
Secretary (2018)

Ben High
Ben High (2020)


John Clemens, Library Board
John Clemens (2020)

Cara Briggs Farmer, Library Board
Cara Briggs Farmer (2022)

Kim Rose, Library Board
Kimberly Rose (2018)

Sandy Rosenberger, Library Board
Sandy Rosenberger (2022)

Jack Zumwalt, Library Board
Jack Zumwalt (2020)

Nancy Miller, Ex-officio Board
Nancy A. Miller

* all board terms expire on June 30 of the indicated year

Board Documents

2017 Agendas, Minutes, and Reports

2016 Agendas, Minutes, and Reports

2015 Agendas, Minutes, and Reports

2014 Agendas, Minutes, and Reports

2013 Agendas, Minutes, and Reports

Looking for older library board documents? Contact us.